The Pineapple Monsters are three sisters namely, Nica, Nina and Pat who love clothes, shoes, bags and photography. The name Pineapple Monsters originated from our last name (Dela Pena) and Lady Gaga's epic Fame Monster album and also a little inspired by the movie Pineapple Express (starring James Franco and Seth Rogen). This blog shows random and inane pictures of our life and how we try to live it wearing cute clothes, bags and shoes plus some of our amateur photographs as well. We do not claim to be fashionistas, we just like to mix and match and hope we look good in the end. Hope, of course, is the operative word.

Get to know us:

Nica dela Pena is a 27 year old law student/real estate broker who spends her time working for her parents' real estate company while studying law.

Nina dela Pena is a 20 year old student who is currently studying at University of Santo Tomas and is taking up Managerial Accounting.

Pat dela Pena is a 15 year old high school student at St. Scholastica's College Manila.

Questions? Comment here and we'll comment back!

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