Thursday, February 14, 2013


 photo P1100156_zpsbd5a8923.jpg  photo P1100141_zps8cf1b62f.jpg  photo P1100109_zpse87d294c.jpg Photobucket

Nica wearing H&M floral blazer, Forever 21 shirt, Zara pants, Mango belt, What For shoes and Chloe bag.
Nina wearing shirt, shorts and shoes from Zara, bag and socks from Forever 21.

Hey, how's everyone doing? I hope everyone's enjoying Valentine's day. Taken or not, I think it's still nice to remember that your are loved by your friends and family. So if your are single like the three of us, please know that we love you, whoever you are, and you are not the only one single this Valentine's day. Hahaha! To those who are taken, make this Valentine's count by doing something special! :)

So anyway, about the pictures. Me and Nina had a little pre-valentine's date of our own (Pat followed us after her class) which included a late lunch at Cibo, a little shopping and then merienda of... isaw! Classy huh? Hehehe. These pictures were taken at our favorite spot in Greenbelt where people are scarce - except for that occasional security guard who kept walking past us probably thinking we were suspicious or something, but aside from him you can pose all you want without people staring at you. The sunglasses Nina is wearing is actually a replica of the Super sunnies that I love but can't afford to buy. As much as we want to buy designer shades, we have a habit of breaking and losing sunnies so we just buy cheap shades that way we can discard them easily. Hihihi.

Since it's heart's day I have included a picture of me and my reflection doing a heart. Forever alone much? LOL




AVA T.♥ said...

Love the red shoes and floral coverup!:) Such PYT!

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

It's been a while! So nice to see you girls again, still looking gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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