Monday, June 11, 2012


Nina wearing top and shorts from Forever 21 and necklace from Topshop
Pat wearing top from Greenhills and shorts from Topshop

Warning: Heavy photo post ahead!

       Last April we went to Dapitan to attend our family friend's wedding. Well, technically, our parents we're the ones invited and we decided to come along. Since everything was free, we ended up sharing our room with our other friends. Imagine three families in a room, definite chaos but it was a lot of fun. As you can see, I have compiled our four day stay into one post because I don't know how I should separate them all! Forgive me for the random arrangement of the pictures, and for not posting our outfit shots. because apparently, I haven't taken a lot at all. Lol. 

2 more days until school starts for me and Pat. Hurray for us!  Not.


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Despina T. said...

the wedding looks so fun!
amazing pics :)