Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Seen Nothing Like You


Top, belt and shoes from Forever 21 and skirt from Zara

Hello everyone! Sorry, I haven't uploaded lately, I've been working my ass off (filing and photocopying things lol) for my OJT. So today, we went to Greenbelt to celebrate my Dad and sister in law's birthday last April. There are no actual pictures during the dinner because Ate Nix forgot her camera (yes, she's back from the States!). Well, anyway, I've been eyeing this kind of skirt for a while now and I finally bought one! I'm going to post our Dapitan pictures soon! I swear... lol


Chyrel Gomez said...

love your skirt and belated happy birthday to your dad and sis in law. so sayang naman na naiwan iyong camera. haha! camera's are like cellphone now.

Tanya said...

love your high-low skirt!! and I have those exact same shoes!! I love them <3