Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Little Break


Nina wearing Forever 21 top and shoes, Zara pants and H&M necklace.
Pat wearing Topshop top, shorts from Bubbles, necklace from Zara, Call it Spring booties and Forever 21 bracelet.

I figured you're a little tired of my vacation photos, so we'll take a little break from that (but I still have gazillions of photos to share with you guys) and post my sisters' outfit pictures instead. They wore this for dinner with the family plus my mom's friends over at High Street. Sorry I'm not part of the pictures (although I was part of the dinner. Hehehe) because we ran out of time to take pictures and I'm not really in the mood to have my photos taken right now since I've gained so much weight from my vacation and add to that lack of exercise from sitting all day reading books. Our dad keeps nagging me to watch my weight (thanks for the vote of confidence DAD) but it's just that when I see food, I'm like I WILL EAT THIS AAAALLLL.  HAHAHA =)



mestizay said...

i badly wanted to buy that tiger top!
so freaking cute!
love that shorts!:)

Maria Regina P. said...

i love Nina's top and Pat's nekclace!!!

♥ Maria

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love the outfits! :)

Encarna said...

the blouse is so cute!

AVA T.♥ said...

such a gorgeous top and necklace!


Awww. I so love ur top!!! :))

Adorable blog too!

Btw, let's follow each other??? <3


Ana Maria said...

FASYOWN :) love the outfits!!

Wonder Woman said...

I absolutely LOVE the tiger top!!!

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~Orianne~ said...

Lovely outfits, I like the shorts:-)

I follow your blog now.



...crickette... said...

I love the necklaces!
Visited here from Cherie...

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cherie said...

that tiger top is so cute, i want it as well! you two have the coolest accessories!

sigh said...

love the outfits and the accessories girls!