Friday, March 16, 2012

Before the Dawn


Nica wearing top from Zara, thrifted skirt, shoes and necklace from Topshop and Prada bag.
Nina wearing top from Cotton on, skirt and earrings from Forever 21, necklace from Call it spring, shoes from Tory Burch and bag from Asian Vogue.
Pat wearing top from Topshop, shorts and necklace from Forever 21, bag from Zara and shoes from Aldo.

It's sister bonding time once again, this time we went to go see Mirror Mirror at Greenbelt. The movie isn't really not that bad, it's just not that good either. I think maybe because I'm too old for that kind of movie and fairytales aren't really my thing. BUT it's fun nonetheless since we get to be with each other and we haven't really caught up in a long time since we're all busy with school. Anyway about our outfits, the skirt I'm wearing is actually one of my thrift finds I mentioned a few posts ago. I rarely wear long skirts since I'm a little insecure about my height and there's always a risk of looking...vertically challenged. Honestly I think my outfit would've looked better with heels but I'm so lazy to wear heels these days so I thought, whatever just accept the fact that Pat is taller than you. Harhar. The rest, well, are basically repeated outfits. I wish we were gazillionaires that we don't have to repeat outfits but sadly we are not.

Oh and we're very excited for the weekend since it's Pat's high school prom and we all get to crash it by staying over the hotel together with our little pineapple monster. Yaaaaaaay!



Encarna said...

Love your blog! its great that you three create it!!!
I'm following you, have a look to my blog and if you like it do the same

Style und Sein said...

Sweet girl and amazing style. I like your blogand follow you now (on bloglovin and google friend connect). Hope you follow back :)


mestizay said...

fashionable sisters!:)
I hope to finally meet you soon Nix!

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

cute outfits! ;)

DEMI said...

woow!! your blog is amazing
keep posting and go for it!


Pineapple Monsters said...

@Encarna - Thank you! Followed you back! :)

@Style und Sein - Thanks! Followed your blog as well :)

@mestizay - Thank you! I hope to meet you too, I've always loved your blog! :)

@valerie - Thanks so much!

@DEMI - Thank you!


kris nastassia velasco said...

outfits are so adorable!


Refleksja said...

Wow! Amazing!