Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Weekend

(Top and shorts from Forever 21, shoes from Tory Burch)

Nina had one of the longest weekends ever, she didn't have class since Wednesday up until Sunday. Lucky right? We decided to have some bonding time by doing some shopping, getting our nails done and of course eating. Sorry I'm MIA in the pictures, I didn't like how my pictures turned out. No offense to my sister's photography skills, it's not her, it's me. I just feel so frumpy and bloated these days, plus I've been eating junk food nonstop. Maybe because I'm turning 27 tomorrow? I'm old!!! Gaaaaaah.



dred said...

i love your top. the cut-off is sexy and it's perfect for this scorching heat. :)

shopgirl jen said...

Hi Nix! Happy birthday! 27 is not old hehe! Try 30+ haha! :)) Enjoy your day! And I love Nina's top! :)

Abi said...

yum yum! and cute top!

Happy Birthday!

KATEFP said...

Gorgeous photos dear *.* wanna follow each other on bloglovin? ;) kisses,

Arden said...

I love that blouse!! xx

LaPetiteIchigo said...

lovely pics, love your top, cut on sleevs is reall interesting ^^

Mallory said...

That top is so lovely, and the food looks yummy!

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Pineapple Monsters said...

@dred - Thank you!

@shopgirl jen - Thank you for the birthday greeting jen!

@Abi - Thank you so much!

@KATEFP - Thank you! Followed your blog :)

@Arden - Thank you!

@LaPetiteIchigo - Thanks so much!
@Mallory - Thanks!


Life's a shoe said...

cute top!!!