Thursday, October 13, 2011

Before you go

(Nica - Top from Forever 21, Pants from Zara, Shoes from CMG, Bag from Mulberry. Nina - Cardigan and Shoes from Zara, Shorts and Bag from Forever 21, Top from Pink Manila.) 

Sister bonding time discussing all things Kpop or mostly on which idols we want to see together. Changtoria FTW! I know not everyone is into Kpop - I think it's more of an "acquired taste." I used to hate Kpop too but my sisters converted me so now I'm officially riding the hallyu wave. :) So I say - don't judge it until you've tried it! I'm thinking I'll post some awesome Kpop pictures here so you guys will be converted as well. Let the domination begin!



mestizay said...

Both stylish sisters! I love it! I always get a wee bit jelly when i see close sisters cos i only have a brother.:( i like kpop too!although i only know 2ne1. Any suggestions?

Ana Maria said...

Hi Nix :) ive always wanted to get my photos taken there at the 'bridge' :( ang dami lang tao lagi! Anyway, I love those shoes on you ;) I dont think kaya ko yan dalhin. And I love your sister's top <3 two things I love : zebras and hearts!

fashioneggpplant said...

both your outfits are super cute! love every single piece :)

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Maria Regina P. said...

hello Nix, love everything on both of your outfits. especially Nina's top, shorts and your red pants and shoes. di ko keri ang mag red.

<3 Maria

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love both your outfits! :)

WonderWoman said...

Waiting for those Kpop posts now to see if you have the power to convert me. :p

Melai said...

I love the pants Nica! And Nina, i love everything :) The yellow/mustard cardigan is a great color pop! :)

Nix you don't like kpop? I don't like to wear it but I like seeing how they wear it :) I just inject drops of inspiration but never a total look. Jologs kasi sa Philippines pag overload. haha :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Noelle Chantal said...

You ladies looked so stylish! :) Looks like a fun fun day you had! :)

Mona M. said...

You are soooo beautiful,dear!

Kookie B. said...

Love the outfit, girls! particularly the zebra print top. so cute!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Love the bright pants. :)