Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random stuff


Remember in my previous post I said my Celine replica bag came with a free clutch-ish purse? Well here it is! Doesn't it deserve its time to shine? I took a picture of it with Nina's love necklace from Forever 21. I can't wait to use it for a night out.

(Left - Hot topic, Middle - Forever 21, Right - Make love not war)

Oh, and I also took pictures of some of our favorite sunglasses on top of some clear jars. I know, crazy right? Lol. The jars are actually giveaways from a party I went to and my first idea was to put cute buttons inside (clearly I am not meant for interior design) but I lost  the buttons! So now the jars are just there, empty and all. They look good for pictures though. I think my favorite sunglasses from these three is the one on the far right. I bought it from Make Love Not War which a had a store near our office but they've been closed for a while now. Do you guys know where they moved?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!



AVA T.♥ said...

Cute love necklace!:) and the shades are pretty! especially the middle one :)

Don't Think Twice said...

thank u so much for the comment babe^^

the 'love' necklace is really adorable! love it!

xoxo dear! :)

dred said...

love all three sunglasses! especially the cat eye pair. :)

cherie said...

the love necklace is too adorable, i'm hankering for one as well! and oh, i love the left most sunglasses, i've been wondering where to find those :)

Silkybow said...

wow, i love those sunnies!!! <3
My fave are the ones on the right and the ones on the left ^_^

t said...

Nice sunglasses!