Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Girl

(Dress - www.prelovedparfait.multiply.com, Bag and shoes - Forever 21, Belt - SM)

How are you guys? I hope everyone's safe and sound after the horrible weather yesterday. :) Anyway, I started posting at lookbook again after lurking there for so many months now. I got inspired by my bestfriend who just made a new account and I thought what the heck, at least I know there's one person who will always hype my looks. LOL!!! I actually posted some looks there before but I erased it, for reasons I can never really explain. Neurosis? Psychosis? Insecurity-sis? Anyway, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you hype my look. :)

Stay safe everyone! :)



Ana Maria said...

Love the dress and shoes on you :) I deleted my lookbook posts too! Reckoned people in Chictopia are friendli-er :) dunno. Haha that's just me. I don't even get to update the latter.

Pineapple Monsters said...

@Ana Maria - I totally agree! People in Chictopia are waaay friendlier than Lookbook people! Why is that???


rizzalana said...

Just started updating my lookbook weeks ago. I even had lookbook before my chictopia account and yeah i think i'd agree with ana, chictopians are way friendlier

(pero here i am updating my LB, ang gulo lang! haha)

wickeRmoss said...

OMG! polkagorgblue! love!:))

Maria said...

I have the same sentiments as you, I deleted my photos on my lookbook for no apparent reasons, and yes, chictopians are way waaaay friendlier!

btw, can you check out my sister in laws page? she just started blogging, and would really appreciate if you can at least say hi and follow her too!

her link: valereeannesj.blogspot.com

Fashion CouSense said...

love the dress! :) awarded you with three blog awards =)

Chyrel Gomez said...

I no longer have a lookbook account but I might go back there soon.

Love the dress. :)

fashioneggpplant said...

hahaha, yay to best friends. im so tamad to post on lookbook, i do it siguro once every 2 months :P

valeree san juan said...

those shoes are to die for darling. i love how you pair it with that fab dress. you look lovely! xoxo

new follower here :)

Anne Garais said...

im also a lookbook and chictopia user. but i update my post more on chictopia. :)

anyhoo, i love your look, and i also adore your hair.. what color is it? :)) thanks for following back. more power on your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

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