Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nearless Headless Nix

(Top and pants - Forever 21, Shoes - Twinky, Bag - Asianvogue)

Ok. I feel like i'm so witty with the title right now. I actually have a series of photos looking like the third picture where half of my head can't be seen. Can you just hear Hermione's little voice asking "Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?" (If you're not a potter-addict, it's from the first HP movie) LOL Since my pictures turned out to be an epic fail, I finally decided to just sit down on the bed and have my pictures taken there. It's so hard when you're only using self-timer. Oh, and I resurrected my old booties from its shoe slumber since I needed something that won't get my feet wet. I am so loving this rainy weather. :)



Ana Maria said...

Hahaha nice title ;)

peek-a-boo said...

Such a lovely outfit! ♥

AVA T.♥ said...

pretty room and pants!:)

Chyrel Gomez said...

it's sunny here in cebu. love your shoes and pants. :) keep safe.

mestizay said...

Same here babe!i just unearthed my old combat boots perfect for the rain!
Another awesome look from you.:)

More Outfit Posts!haha

Fashion CouSense said...

i'm a huge HP fan so i'm definitely loving your title =P but i love your pants too! ^_^