Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Long Sweet Summer (Part 3)

My freaky paparazzi shot of a Rizalista. I was too shy to ask for their picture.

Us with our mom and her bestfriend and of course Tito Joe. Matangkad pala sya no? Hahaha!


This is the last leg of our Dapitan post. Before we went to the airport, we decided to stroll around Rizal Park first since Pat has never been there before. Rizal Park is probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite parks of all time. It's full of trees that's been around probably since Rizal's time. I'm not sure everyone remembers this, but Rizal before being shot to death in Manila, was actually excommunicated and exiled to Dapitan where he met and married Josephine Bracken. Rizal Park is the place where Rizal actually lived during his exile, it has various huts where he had his clinic, house, kitchen etc. and even a pool -it's actually just a big hole where water flows from the mountain but it's very dirty now although my mom said back in the day they still swam there. The Rizalistas, who worship Rizal and believe him to be a divine being are the ones who take care of Rizal Park and they also live, I think, on the mountain beside the park. Come to think of it, I think Rizal Park in Dapitan wouldn't even exist without the help of the Rizalistas, so kudos to them.

In a weird way, I'm welcoming the rainy season with open arms. So long sweet summer! :)



AMINTA said...

I love nature!! That place is awesome...
Im following your blog girls.... kisses

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

awesome!!! it's my first time to see dapitan (in actual 'tourist-y'pictures)

the south is such an interesting place!

The Cheshire Cat said...

Awesome shots!

Cute blog. =)

Kookie B. said...

OMG! The Rizalista shot is freaky indeed! I thought it was a ghost captured on film! (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...but still!). :)

Pineapple Monsters said...

@Aminta - Thank you so much!

@Ninin - Thanks dear!

@The Cheshire Cat - Thank you!

@Kookie - Thanks Kookie! Yes, they're a bit freaky with their all white outfit! :)