Saturday, October 2, 2010

photo diary

Here are some photos taken this September, they're not really "fashion related" but I'd like to share them anyway...

This one was taken at Harbor Square. My friends and I decided to play with the games they have, but unfortunately we didn't get to shout "it's so fluffy!!!" since neither of us won anything. :(


Visiting friends at the hotel to wish them luck at the bar exams.

This was taken by my Aunt at our province. Poor dog. :(


(top - zara, shorts - H&M, shoes - CMG)

At Bona Westgate Alabang. I am in love with their chocobanana muffins!



Eunice said...

It's you nga. :))
I find it cool, hehe. You're under Atty. Amurao? :)

Olivia RPS said...

ahh very nice pictures :)
Olivia x

dred said...

i love your top! xx

oh and that poor dog. makes me want to scoop him out of that moving motorcycle.

Hadassah said...

What a cool blog tre formed by sisters, I loved it! Oh the name is pretty cool, what's the point?

Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

Hello there! i'me here from IFB, thank you so much for your substain!!! I love your pictures, these are really funny!!! Now I'm your new follower ;D
See you soon!


Pineapple Monsters said...

@Eunice - yes, i'm taking criminal law review under atty. amurao. :) prof mo din sya? :)

@olivia - Thanks so much :)

@dred - me too! that poor dog's probably scared shitless. :(

@Hadassah - Thanks! We got the name pineapple from our surname which in Filipino sounds like pineapple. lol :)) The monsters part we just made up. :)

@coco - Thanks for adding us at IFB! We really appreciate it :)