Sunday, October 10, 2010

head over feet



So I got this shoes from Forever 21 last September and I have yet to wear them out (I actually changed shoes after taking these pictures. hehehe) It's actually one size bigger than my real size because it was the only one available and I was so in distraught that they didn't have stock in my size so I bought them anyway. Now I prance around them at home while my sisters make fun of me since I look funny with big shoes. I am still contemplating on selling them, and in my mind I'll be taking them hostage until I buy an original pair of Miu Miu's (which in probability is slim to never). I'm crazy, I've been told time and again. :)


Cylia said...

hey girl:) you look great! I love how you write this post so 'real';) so you. You should save some money if you want to buy a real pair of miu miu's;)


Ana Maria said...

Hello :) may i ask for the size of the shoes? :D

Kookie B. said...

looove this outfit, Nix! the shoes don't look big on you. just put those black stoppers...oh i don't know what you call them...basta you can buy those from department stores or from Mr. Quickie para the shoes won't be maluwang. :)

S + Y said...

Love this outfit!! Haha, I buy shoes that are too big for my feet all the time... and store them in my wardrobe like they're some trophies, lol!

Love this concept of 3 sisters blogging about fashion, this is too adorable! :)


Pineapple Monsters said...

@Cylia - Thanks dear. I'm "trying" to save for real Miu Miu's but I always end up using the money for something else. lol! :))

@Ana Maria - It's a size 8 :)

@Kookie - Thanks! I'll buy sa SM, hopefully that works :)

@S + Y - Thank you for stopping by our blog! And yes, this is one of the "trophy shoes" i think everyone has to have at least one. lol :))

Ana Maria said...

You are so lucky to have that pair :) may i know how much they cost? haha wishful thinking. thanks :)

joanne estrella said...

have you decided already? if you are going to sell those, ill be glad to buy that pair... thank you =))

Pineapple Monsters said...

dear im so sorry, but i don't think i'll be selling the shoes...i just love them too much :(