Friday, October 8, 2010

chictopia reward

So I finally received my chictopia reward last Wednesday after 2 months of waiting! It was such a hassle though, I had to go to the post office two times and i almost paid $20 (around P1k+) for tax which I did not want to shell out at all (that's a new outfit already!). Anyway, I don't have a picture of me wearing it yet but I will definitely post it soon.



So what do you think of our newly designed blog? Not bad eh? :)



Cylia said...

not bad at all not bad at all:)! you remember I won something from Olivia's blog? I never got it:p Ive no idea what happened.. the company is not responsible for when the package is sent.. after that.. there might be possibilities that it fell off something or whatever.. Ive no idea:p Im really hesitant to buy something online now.. better off buying something 'in real life':)


Jel said...

congrats for receiving the item. i still have mine coming though, or will it ever arrive? haha lol can i ask something? what did you mean when you said you almost paid something? and why did you have to go to the post office? the items are supposed to be delivered straight to your address right?

Pineapple Monsters said...

It will arrive, it just takes time :) I waited for 2 months for it, then I got a letter from the post office telling me they have the package and I should get it there. You just have to print out the letter from Chictopia telling you that you got it thru a reward so you won't have to pay tax. :) Congrats on your reward!