Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last Friday, the family had dinner at Fish out of water at Greenbelt (yes, it's our favorite mall here in Manila). The food was surprisingly good, and the service was great (we're a little OC when it comes to service). If you're gonna eat there, you should try the Singaporean Crab, it was amazing :)

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Yes, it was one huge crab...

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And there's baby crabbies too... (aaaawwwww....) lol :))

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(Patty: cardigan - Zara, pink top - Mango, shorts - Forever 21, shoes - Zoo York, bag - Coach)

(Nica: Top, blazer and jeggings all from Zara, shoes- Topshop, bag - Gucci)

BTW, Patty bought a new watch from Swatch. It's a limited edition St. Scho watch! Will post more photos of it soon. Toodles :)


ARA said...

oh, I love your Topshop shoes and the blazer. The crab looks indeed huge lol.xx

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

ugggh, now i'm craving crabs! looks soooo yummy!

i really like that you both have different styles but chic all the same. love the clogs in nica!

♥ polka dress GIVEAWAY this way! ♥

Kookie B. said...

i LOVE crabs!!!! the food looks good! will try it out soon!

nic, i like your polished look! love the clogs! how much are they?

patty, you look so cute! cool kicks!

Melanie M said...

That crab looks sooo delicious.
Oh my gosh, you both look so cute! :D


Pineapple Monsters said...

@Ara - Thanks dear!
@Gizelle - Thanks so much :)
@Kookie - Thanks! The clogs are around P5k, I think they still have it in Topshop Greenbelt. They have it in different colors as well.
@Melanie - Thanks! Followed you already :)


libys11 said...

omg.. that crab dish just threw me off.. aaahh!! and it's midnight here! now i want some! aaahh!!

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