Sunday, August 29, 2010


Had a Sunday shopping date with our mom at Forever 21 and then had dinner at Sango Rockwell. We live at Paranaque which is faaaar from Forever 21 so when we go there we tend to hoard stuff as a compromise for the gas expenses (reasons!) lol :)) Anyway, much to our surprise there were A LOT of people at Megamall and it took us forever to find parking and after all the pushing and shoving we decided to have dinner at Rockwell instead (because everyone knows Rockwell is the least populated but nice mall in Manila). All in all, it was still fun. :)

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Nina pretending to read Japanese books at Sango. lol :))

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Another ring from forever 21. <3

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Nica's cross ring and blue bag also from forever 21.

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Uhm, we didn't know that the salad was gonna be this small. hahaha.

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Master cheeseburger. NOMNOMNOM.

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(cardigan - forever 21, cropped top - the ramp, shorts - zara, shoes - tory burch, bag - vintage dior)

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Special thanks to our mom for this picture. :)


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

really adore the connector rings..and the cross ring. i wish we have f21 here in cebu...buhu.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Cylia said...

aahh you girls are so cute!:) loving this. family love.


Lee said...

the love connector ring is so cute! The burger looks delicious :D

PS: Thanks for your comment on my last post, Nix. <3

Lee []

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

so cute :) i really love your rings :)

Kookie B. said...

i find it cool that you sisters get to hang out. most siblings prefer going out with their own friends. love the accessories! and damn, they now have a silver version of the cross connector ring??? i want!!!

oh wait, is that gray nail polish i see on Nica? oh do tell where to find one!

Ali said...

F21 is far away from us, too, so I feel you! I'm glad you found lots of cool things though, I love your connector ring. :D

ThePhotographer's Girl said...

love your rings :) and it's nice to look at sibs bonding, that's kinna rare nowadays.


Cheens ( )

Pineapple Monsters said...

Thanks Gizelle, Cylia, Lee, Valerie, Kookie, Ali and Cheens. We really appreciate the comments. :) We love to hang out together. It's weird but we find each other funny so we always have a laugh when we go out. :)

@Kookie - Yes it's gray. We bought it at Hongkong last year :)