Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Patty's dress day!

Patty is our little sister, who is ironically taller than us already and she's only 13! Once a month, her school(which was also me, Nix, and Nina's school before) has this dress day where they can wear dresses to school instead of the usual uniforms. So for this month, this is what she wore. :)

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(top - zara, skirt - topshop, shoes - michael kors)

And yes! There's a vast improvement in our blog! We have the widgets/gadgets and everything! Its amazing what boredom can do. Now all we need are more followers! :))



libys11 said...

wow.. their school has a dress day!? that's so cool!!! i remember i was part of the student council before. my councilmates and i proposed a day of it but we got turned down.. booh! anyway, she looks so pretty and feminine! :D great outfit! :D

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Joanna Ladrido said...

i love the skirt! its sooooo pretty!


cpsanti said...

love love the shoes! and hurrah for dress day! every school should have one ;-)